What Money Can't Buy (Michael J. Sandel著)【简介_书评_在线阅读-pdf mobi epub】

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What Money Can't Buy 本书信息

作者: Michael J. Sandel
出版社: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
副标题: The Moral Limits of Markets
出版年: 2012-4-24
页数: 256
定价: USD 27.00
装帧: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780374203030

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  • Justice
  • Think Like a Freak
  • The End of Ideology
  • Everything Is Obvious
  • Why Nations Fail
  • What Money Can't Buy 目录

    Introduction: Markets and Morals Market Triumphalism
    Everything for Sale
    The Role of Markets
    Our Rancorous Politics 3
    1 Jumping the Queue: Airports, Amusement Parks, Car Pool Lanes
    Hired Line Standers
    Ticket Scalpers
    Concierge Doctors
    Markets Versus Queues
    Yosemite Campsites
    Papal Masses
    Springsteen Concerts 17
    2 Incentives: Cash for Sterilization
    The Economic Approach to Life
    Paying Kids for Good Grades
    Bribes to Lose Weight
    Selling the Right to Immigrate
    A Market in Refugees
    Speeding Tickets and Subway Cheats
    Tradable Procreation Permits
    Tradable Pollution Permits
    Carbon Offsets
    Paying to Kill an Endangered Rhino
    Ethics and Economics 43
    3 How Markets Crowd Out Morals: Hired Friends
    Bought Apologies and Wedding Toasts
    The Case Against Gifts
    Auctioning College Admission
    Coercion and Corruption
    Nuclear Waste Sites
    Donation Days and Day-Care Pickups
    Blood for Sale
    Economizing Love 93
    4 Markets in Life and Death: Janitors Insurance
    Betting on Death
    Internet Death Pools
    Insurance Versus Gambling
    The Terrorism Futures Market
    The Lives of Strangers
    Death Bonds 131
    5 Naming Rights: Autographs for Sale
    Corporate-Sponsored Home Runs
    Luxury Skyboxes
    Bathroom Advertising
    Ads in Books
    Body Billboards
    Branding the Public Square
    Branded Lifeguards and Nature Trails
    Police Cars and Fire Hydrants
    Commercials in the Classroom
    Ads in Jails
    The Skyboxification of Everyday Life 163
    Notes 207
    Acknowledgments 233
    Index 237

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